This page contains the collection of messages from Twitter in the Italian language that is continuously going on since 2012 at the University of Turin. A number of smaller datasets have been extracted from the main collection and enriched with different kinds of annotations for linguistic purposes. Moreover, a few extra datasets have been collected independently and are now in the process of being merged with the main collection.

This figure shows the coverage of TWITA up to September 2018, in terms of percentage of days in each months for which data are available in the collection.
TWITA coverage

We make the resource available to the community to the best of our possibility, in accordance with the Twitter Terms of Service.

TWITA Datasets:


Collection of tweets about the COVID-19 emergency in Italy.


collection of tweets on the topic of the Referendum held in Italy on December 4, 2016, about a reform of the Italian Constitution.


Corpus for the evaluation of a project on the development of a platform that aimed to estimate and interactively display the degree of happiness in Italian cities.


Dataset for the Hate Speech Detection task at EVALITA 2018.

Italian Hate Speech Corpus

Corpus of hate speech on social media towards migrants and ethnic minorities.


Dataset for the irony detection task task at EVALITA 2018.


Dataset for the SENTIment POLarity Classification task at EVALITA 2014 and 2016.


A dataset of Italian tweets with a focus on politics and ironic content.


Dataset for the SENTIment POLarity Classification task at EVALITA 2014 and 2016.


Corpus of Italian tweets on the topic of the national educational and training systems.


Corpus of Italian tweets on subjective well-being, in particular regarding the topics of fertility and parenthood.


Dataset of Italian tweets a fine-grained annotation of irony is superimposed.